Paying Special Attention to Protecting the Environment

Do not litter in the forest at all!

Organic, biodegradable trash can also be a problem if it is visible. Therefore, not even objects like orange or banana peels should be thrown away.

If you really have to leave something there (such as toilette paper), hide it to avoid even visual pollutions.

Things that do not biodegrade rapidly should not be left in the forest at all, even if you see a waste container in the wild, do not use it, since there is no guarantee that anyone is going to empty it. Use only waste containers in villages or at our checkpoints. Our goal is that organizers and participants leave no trace of their presence on the route.


Use public transportation!

If you still decide to come by car, then please with as many people per car as possible to reduce the total number of vehicles.

If you still decide to come by car, leave it in Gyöngyös especially because that is the most convenient option. From the finish line it only takes about 10 minutes to go to Gyöngyös by bus.

For refreshment, please use our refreshment points so that we do not generate unnecessary car traffic in the Mátra.

This is important not only to protect the Mátra but also to protect our event, so that noone can complain about damages we make, since we do not make any.

Sticking to the path

Mátra 115 is a race where a predefined route must be completed.

Do not leave the route to make it shorter or easier, because in that case you will not have completed Mátra 115 but your own route.

Of course, it is a totally different case if you leave the route to go shopping in a local grocery store that lays just off the path, if the conditions mentioned above such as shortening and simplifying the challenge do not hold. Obviously, it can also happen that somebody loses the way. If you do not shorten or simplify the challenge you still count as a finisher just like people who did find the way.

The organizers can check if participants stick to the path at any location along the route.

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