2009-es képek

Photos by finishers

Pictures by dr. Szabó Péter

Pictures by Cam Mogó

Start at the castle in Kisnána

Mátra 115 rajt

Preparation in the morning before the start at 6 o’clock in the morning

Start at the castle in Kisnána.


Oroszlánvár EP

The first check-point, Oroszlánvár, where everyone passed throught (and everyone was photographed).


Pictures of the check-point in Parádsasvár.

Check-points at Galyatető and Felső-Mátra

Mátra 115 Galyatető EP

Galyatető check-point at 31 km and 39 km

Check-points at Galyatető and Felső-Mátra


Pictures from Lajosháza


Blog of the check-point at Szorospatak


Hidegkúti-turistaház pictures

Check-point at Havas

Mátra 115 Havas

Havas ellenőrzőpont 104 és fél kilométernél.

A few pictures from the check-point at Havas and from the start.

Check-point at Káva

Mátra 115 Káva

Conditional check-point at Káva

Pictures from the check-point at Káva.

Gyöngyöstarján, finish pictures

Gyöngyöstarján, finish pictures 1

Gyöngyöstarján, finish pictures 2